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All-In-One Parking Garage Repairs & Maintenance Service Provider

Parking Garage Repairs & Maintenance

The commercial construction pros at Vela Construction LLC are experts when it comes to parking garage repairs and maintenance to protect your Macedonia parking garage surfaces and maintain the integrity of your structure. From concrete deck and column repair to scarifying and patching to traffic coating and waterproofing, our comprehensive parking garage repairs and maintenance services will help you maintain a safe parking structure.

We're proud to serve our community with quality parking garage maintenance and power washing for Macedonia and the surrounding areas in Northeast Ohio. To request a consultation for parking garage repairs and maintenance or cleaning services, call Vela Construction LLC today at 330-840-2899.

Concrete Deck Repair

We provide concrete deck repair to quickly and safely repair cracks and keep your parking deck in top condition. We use specialized crack chasing and sealing techniques and expert attention to detail to ensure results of the highest quality.

Concrete Deck Drain Repair

Keeping the drainage system in your Macedonia parking garage in good working order is vital to maintaining the integrity of your structure. We offer expert concrete deck drain repair to ensure that water is properly directed away from your parking garage.

Column Repair

Your structural columns require regular inspection, and if you notice cracks or damage, it's vital to call in a column repair specialist right away. From tiny cracks to joint issues, our column repair experts have the expertise to get the job done right.

Concrete Girder Repair

Girders are the main horizontal supports for your structure, so keeping them in top condition is very important. Our concrete girder repair services can remove or repair damage due to shifting, expansion, and tension.

Precast Double T Repair

Corrosion and stress can take a toll on your precast double tee stems and beams. We can splay and align your wire stems and re-stress the strands to the original pre-load for maximum support.

Scarifying, Grinding, and Patching

Scarifying uses spinning metal blades to chip away at the top layer of your surfaces to create a level space while grinding removes surface coatings without impacting the concrete underlayer. We follow up with concrete patching for a smooth finish.

Traffic Coating

Traffic coatings serve a critical role in protecting your parking garage against deterioration and damage. We apply a waterproof base coat and a durable top coat that can withstand the heaviest vehicle and pedestrian traffic.


Waterproofing protects and maintains the integrity of your structure to prevent moisture penetration of your concrete surfaces. Our waterproofing specialists have proven membrane solutions to keep your parking garage dry and protect your exposed concrete from the elements.

Elevator Pit Repairs

From elevator machinery repairs to upgrading your pit and machinery room to waterproofing your shaft, we offer a wide range of comprehensive elevator pit repairs for your Macedonia parking garage. We're your solution for problems with your elevator pits.

Frequently Asked Parking Garage Repairs & Maintenance Questions

Whether you need parking garage cleaning, concrete deck repair, or column and girder repair, trusting your parking garage repairs and maintenance to a qualified professional will always ensure the best results for your Macedonia property. At Vela Construction LLC, we have the equipment, experience, and expertise to identify and resolve issues with your parking garage and preserve the integrity of your structure. Don't trust an amateur with such an important undertaking - call our team of qualified professionals today to schedule a consultation.

At Vela Construction LLC, our skilled concrete repair specialists offer expert crack chasing and sealing to prevent minor cracks from becoming major issues. For deeper cracks, we offer scarifying, grinding, and patching services to reinforce your concrete and provide you with quality repairs that will stand the test of time.

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